Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge Winners Remind Us to Drive Safely, 'For the Whales'

Distracted driving is a problem no matter who you are, for everyone on the road. Teen drivers, however, are among the most likely to text behind the wheel. To help combat this problem, Toyota and Discovery Education have been teaming up to run the Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge.

This year's first place winners think part of the problem is that drivers don't think about how massive cars are. Here are a few comparisons:

  • The compact Toyota Corolla weighs about 1.4 tons -- so does a two-story tall giraffe.
  • The Tacoma weighs in at 2 tons, the same as a beluga whale.
  • The Toyota Sequoia weighs up to 3 tons, balancing the scales with a moderately-sized Asian elephant.

Cars are heavy.

And, for the record, 18-wheelers outweigh a fully-grown humpback whale.

In the winning video, "For the Whales," high school sophomores Matthew Post and John Caporaletti encourage drivers to think of their cars as beluga whales, and keep their eyes on the road. Many of our new vehicles at Orr Toyota in Searcy are available with Toyota Safety Sense technology, which can supplement your own eyes, and help keep you more alert and aware of the "whales" around you.

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