The Sales Event of the Season Has Arrived, But it Won't Last Long

When you think of a hybrid Toyota, do you automatically think of the Prius? Well, the Prius is only the beginning to Toyota's amazing lineup of hybrids. One of the latest energy-efficient models to join the family is the RAV4 Hybrid. It's compact, sporty, stylish, and of course, efficient. It's also available for an unbeatable rate at the 1 for Everyone Sales Event, happening now at Orr Toyota.

From now until April 4th, qualified buyers can get 0% APR financing on the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. We're also offering $750 cash back savings on the all-new Hybrid model. If a model with a little less ground clearance is more your speed, we also have the Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, and the line of Prius' available at a special rate.

The 1 for Everyone Sales Event will not last long, so be sure to come down to the at Orr Toyota showroom before the sale of the season is gone! Have any questions regarding the event? Please call our sales department at 501-281-4620 for more information.